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Detailed Residential Construction 

Along with new residential custom homes, Mesa Electric also handles: garages, shops, basement finish, mother-in-law apts, barns, riding arena's and other structures.  We take care of you!  Ask us about going green with energy saving options. We can also help you in the following areas:


• Lighting Options including LED ideas
• Low-Volt Lighting Systems (Vantage/Lutron)
• Pathway Lighting

• Home Theaters/Music Rooms
• Low Volt - Phone/TV Pre-wire


Residential Interiors & Exteriors

Mesa Electric specializes in providing cutting-edge products and technology that enhances a home's beauty, function, and safety. We are happy to consult with you beforehand to ensure that all lighting selections meet your needs and style. For residential exteriors, we can work on:


• Planning & Layout Design
• Coordination with Electrical Supplier
• Service Change-over
• Add Circuits/Panel Upgrades

• Generators
• Rodent Repair and Preventative Measures
• Landscape Lighting - Water Features
• Livestock Needs - Waterer Receptacles

Barns & Riding Areas

We help with lighting designs for large open areas such as barns,

riding arenas, storage facilities and more. New fixtures can

provide better lighting, causing less strain on the eyes, and

proving to be less costly to run.   We only use products that are

durable enough for the given environment.

Working in the dark?  Proper lighting will be installed in main isles, tack rooms, and stalls. The use of motion lights is ideal for hands-free direction on the path outside or in, helps out with those winter chores. Providing a trainer's apartment or office also makes for a turnkey facility. 


Garages & Shops
Proper lighting supports a safe work environment in the shop and garage.  Tripping breakers?  Install proper power and GFI protectors, it's essential for your machinery and tool needs.  It also makes for more comfortable conditions, with heaters and generators to keep things warm in the winter. Piping and conduit is also used to protect and extend the life of the wiring, saving money in the long run.


Flawless Home Remodeling

You can trust Mesa Electric to handle electrical changes too.  Many people are updating their living space by remodeling their home and finishing their basement. This means a better return on your investment. 


Electrical Upgrades

Need more power for the tools in your shop? Ask for a free power analysis and quote.  

Upgrading?  Our user-friendly, pre-programmed systems can be used for a whole house or single rooms including home theaters or entertainment areas. Recall previous light settings, wake up to soft, dim lights that gradually brighten.  In the kitchen, utilize brighter lighting while preparing a meal and dimmer lighting while enjoying it with family and friends. Even hallways and stairs can be equipped with the perfect night lighting. 



Did you know dimming your lights 25% can save 20% in energy costs? Not only does this mean a lower electricity bill, but your bulbs will last longer, too!  These dimmers pay for themselves in weeks, after that you pocket the savings and add enjoyment to your lifestyle!  We offer low-voltage transformers, panels, and easy-to-use controls.  We are Lutron™ trained, and have Vantage™ experience too. 



If you have a problem outlet or light, it can be a real fire hazard. This is why we troubleshoot and make repairs on the same day—to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our maintenance for electrical systems covers:


• Troubleshooting & Repairs
• Ballasts & Lamps
• Emergency Work

• Lightning Damage
• Shorts in Circuits/Faulty Wiring



Mesa Electric provides cutting-edge products and technology to enhance natural beauty, function, and safety in landscaped areas. We are happy to consult with you to ensure that lighting selections meet your expectations. After consulting, we will transform your lawn into an elegant landscape display.

• Timers/ Motion Sensitivity/ Automation  

• Underground Wire Installation and Repair
• Gate Power
• Troubleshooting

• Service Upgrades or Additions

• Complete Planning & Designing
• Rodent Repairs
• Solar & Wind Energy (on or off the Grid)

inside barn
inside barn