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Why do I Need a Permit for my Little Project?

Some folks exploring home improvements or remodels often forget that they need permits from their local government before the job is started. Depending on your location, your local government could require a building permit for a job as small as a bathroom remodel project. Often times jobs, such a new workshop, back deck, or basement finish, also require permits.

So why do you need a Permit?

  1. First and foremost, building permits assure you that the electrical installation that was performed meets national code requirements or building code requirements. It’s for your safety. Since safety is one of Mesa Electric’s top priorities, we will not do a job without a permit if the governing building department requires it. We require permits on most jobs. One exception would be repairs; they usually don’t need a permit. You can count on us to know if your job needs an electrical permit.

  2. Secondly, when you sell your home, permits will provide evidence to a prospective buyer that improvements or renovations to your home were done correctly. If you fail to have permits for major work done on your home, you may face a problem when it comes time to sell.

And no, permits are not just a way for the municipality to charge you money and add to their budgets. Permits also aren't a way for your municipality to put obstacles in your way, making your building project more difficult with all their rules and regulations.


If you hire Mesa Electric for your job, you don’t have to hassle with the permit process; we complete the permitting process for you. We also take responsibility for all questions regarding the jobs we complete. For example, if an inspector has a question or needs a modification to our work, we will respond and/or correct the situation immediately.

Mesa Electric has been servicing residents in Elbert, Douglas or El Paso counties for 20+ years; needless to say, we are very familiar with their requirements for permits and inspections. We are also proud to be in the top 5% of Contractors with regards to inspection pass rates.

If you’d like an experienced electrical contractor for your next project, call Mesa Electric at 303.648.3307. We service property owners in Castle Rock, Parker, Kiowa, Franktown, Elizabeth, Monument and Colorado Springs.

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