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More than an Electrician for New Homes and Remodels

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Mesa Electric's electricians do spend a lot of their time on new builds and remodels; however, we also make electrical improvements to other structures. In fact, since we serve rural areas in Elbert, Douglas and El Paso counties, about 60% of our business involves garages, shops, barns and other outbuildings that often need underground power.

Let's look at a few of those projects where we can help those living in Castle Rock, Parker, Kiowa, Elizabeth, Franktown, Monument and Colorado Springs.


Mesa Electric improves lighting conditions in large areas, such as barns, riding arenas and even storage areas.

We use and recommend products that are durable and easy to use. For example, installation of LED lights can make it easier to do those winter chores in the barn. Installation of motion lights will allow you to see your way from the house to the barn. With their hands-free design, you won't be finding your way in the dark or having to stop what you are doing to turn on lights.

State-of-the-art LED lights also reduce the strain on your eyes and are more cost-effective than your current lighting system. We also protect the wiring from animal interference by putting it in piping or conduit – an added bonus that will save you money in the long run.


Mesa Electric ensures your hot tub works efficiently and safely. We start by obtaining important information, like the type of hot tub and the power required. From there, we design the set up so it is as safe and economical as possible, and assure it meets building code requirements. Safety is our #1 priority.


Proper lighting and other electrical outlets are essential for a safe working environment in your garage or workshop. If you have tripping breakers, it may be time to update your power and GFI breakers. We provide free power analysis and quotes. With an upgrade, you'll not only be able to power your machinery and tools, but you'll also be able to plug in generators and heaters - always nice for cold winter days. Piping and conduit can also be installed to protect and extend the life of the wiring.

As you can see, Mesa Electric wants to help with all your electrical needs. If you have a project or question about possible upgrades or installations, give us a call at 303.648.3307. We service residents and builders in Douglas, Elbert and El Paso counties.

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