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Why Mesa Electric – Part 3: Mesa Electric Electricians are Well-Trained Professionals

If you are looking for a professional, well-trained electrical team for your next home build, remodeling project or electrical repair, look no further than Mesa Electric.

All of Mesa Electric’s electricians have extensive training, experience and in-depth knowledge about residential construction. They understand how important the electrical service is to any housing project and keeping it on schedule.

The training never stops. We provide ongoing staff training to ensure SAFETY, QUALITY and ACCURACY. We also work together as a team to improve our education after each job is completed. For example, our staff reviews the inspections from the prior month so we can learn from each other. Since most projects are unique, we take time to share the unusual skills or techniques that were used in a previous job so that they can be used in the future.

Mesa Electric Owner, Greg Stephens, and our crews are proactive. If we see issues on the job site, we let you know about them so that we can take care of them before they become problems or hold up the build or remodel.

Mesa Electric crews work well with other trades on the job site. For example, if other trades run into something that has the potential to cause a problem or an inspection to fail, we encourage transparent, timely, communication so that Mesa Electric can help accommodate the situation before it becomes a larger issue.

Mesa Electric also has a solid reputation with building departments in Douglas, Elbert and El Paso counties. Because many of Mesa’s jobs are unique, unusual circumstances often arise. If there is ever a question on an install, Greg has been known to call inspectors to make sure that the installation is completed in a manner that will assure passing the inspection. These are valuable extra steps that Mesa Electric takes to stand out from all the other electrical contractors in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. If you would like to learn more about Mesa Electric, please call us at 303.648.3307.

You also may read more about our service and professionalism in part 1 and part 2 of this series.

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