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Join Mesa Electric, today!

We are in unprecedented times and many of us are trying to piece together what our futures could look like.  Fortunately, Mesa Electric has opportunities waiting for you!  We are currently hiring electricians to join our team for the long haul.  

What's in it for you?

We are so glad you asked.  Mesa Electric trains each employee with the highest safety and quality craftsmanship that maintains our positive name recognition in the industry.  Each member of our team is valued as a person first.  In addition to competitive compensation and health insurance, you will also receive customized training and opportunities for licensure to ensure safety and relevancy in the industry.  These perks will bolster your knowledge and set a solid foundation for the future.

What we look for in candidates

Mesa Electric thrives on consistently providing quality work and seeks candidates with the following values:

  • Integrity: Do the right thing.

  • Excellence: Exceed expectations!

  • Knowledgeable: Strive for a better way.

  • Respect: Seek first to understand.

  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself and others.

Would you like to start or continue a career with one of the best electrical contractors in Colorado?  Please fill out our job application form on our website here:

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